NML Kerala Public School
"Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar log aate gaye karvaan banta gaya"
- Late A.P.R Nair(Founder Chairman)

Safety Week (16th– 19th August2016)

NML Kerala Public School celebrated the Safety Week, 2016 from 16th– 19th August2016.

The inauguration ceremony started with the lighting of lamp by our Director Sir Dr. Shrikant Nair and Vice Principal Madam, Mrs. GurmeetKaur. School SAFE Club Vice-President, SouravTiwary took the Safety Pledge on behalf of all the students. School SAFE Club members made all the students aware of the Various Safety measures that should be adopted by everyone. The SAFE Club moderator Ms. ManishaKaur announced the plan for the week ahead and about the various competitions to be held. Badges were handed over to the SAFE Club members by Director Sir and everyone present got the awareness message of “It’s Smart to be SAFE” as he addressed the gathering.

The same day also saw a Demonstration by the Fire Brigade Department and they trained the students about different types of Fire Extinguishers and how to use them. Also they informed everyone present about the various sources of fire and how extinguishers can be used to prevent it. Also we had the Intraschool events where we had “Drawing Competition” for Std I – III on the topic of Road Safety, “Essay writing Competition” on School Safety for Std IV – VI and Poetry writing on Cyber Safety for Std VII – IX.

On the second day i.e. 17th August the Inter KPS Competitions were conducted in which students from KPS Burmamines, KPS Gamharia, KPS Kadma, KPS Mango along with our school participated and all the students showed their talent and creativity. For Inter KPS we had Slogan writing competition on Fire Safety for Std IV – VI and Collage making competition for VII – VIII on the topic of Cyber Safety. Each school had 2 participants for each category. For Slogan writing competition the first prize was bagged by AkshayaChourasia of KPS Burmamines whereas Deepshika from KPS Mango and AsmitaAgarwal of NML KPS were respectively the First and the Second Runner up. For Collage making both the winner and the first runner up were from KPS Kadmanamely SaikatSukai and Khizir Ahmad but the second runner up was again from our school KumariSnehaRai. Both the events were judged by Mrs. Rachna Nair along with our Vice-Principal Madam. Later that very day Rachna Maam also gave a First Aid training to the teachers, Safe Club members, Office Staff and our Support Staff.

19th August which is the last day got a start with the Safety Pledge by SAFE Club President Nikhil Sachdev followed by presentation of Safety week Report. There will be Quiz session for the Van Drivers and Auto Drivers and then distribution of prizes for the various Intraschool events.

Fruit Day (12 7 2016)

NML Kerala public school celebrated Fruit Day on 12th July in the school campus. The tiny tots were brimming with enthusiasm as they were dressed as different fruits and told everyone about the benefits of eating fruits. The little ones also performed in a role play and a fruit dance. This was followed by a quiz session where children from different branches of Kerala Public School answered to various questions confidently. Mrs Nitulika Singh, an eminent writer, educationalist and a member of Youth Wing of CII, was the chief guest. The event owed its success to the honorable presence of Mrs.Rachna Nair, Mrs.Gurmeet Kaur (Vice-Principal) and the efforts put up by all the teachers and the students of Pre-Primary wing of the school.

May Day (2 5 2016)

NML Kerala Public School celebrated May Day during the assembly on 2nd May,2016 . The programme started with the welcome song by the students of Light music Club. Students spoke on the importance of the labour day. The support staff was recognized by school Vice Principal Mrs Gurmeet Kaur and were given the token of gratitude. At the end the support staff shared their feelings.

RHYTHM 2016 (08 04 16)

Venue : Tarapore School
Members Present : Miss Manisha Kaur & 5 L.k.g students

RHYTHM 2016 was a annual, non competitive event organized specially for kindergarten children. Rhythm was based on the theme “Love Pulses”. The event had a number of activities along with a song to be learnt by the students and other exciting surprises. The number of students per school was five.

The students started the morning by learning a song on pulses along with the enactment on different kinds of pulses.The students learnt and enjoyed the song very much. It was followed by an interactive puppet show. It had a number of other activities in different stalls for the students mentioned below :

  • Pulse Race : Pulse race was a game where the children learnt about the names of pulses.
  • A seed for the future : A seed for the future taught the students about the process of germination of different kinds of pulses through real plants of different pulses and videos
  • Pick to pile : In this stall students learnt the difference between pulses by segregating them into different containers. With this they learnt the names of pulses also.
  • Smiling Sprouts : At the smiling sprouts stall, ingredients for a salad was placed. Students learnt to mix the salad based on tea spoon and table spoon.
  • In and out : In and out was a mock grocery shop where children learnt about weights.
  • Tie and Dye : At the tie and dye, the children learnt how to make bandini designs with the help of gram seeds.
  • Bheem’s tasty laddu : At Bheem’s laddu stall, students learnt to make their own besan laddu’s and eat them too.
  • Spin the bottle : Spin the bottle taught the students the names of pulses through a game.
  • Peas card corner : In the peas card corner students made postcards with their fingerprints. They learnt about peas, their colour and shapes.
  • Isme hai dum hardum : In the isme hai dum hardum stall the children made their own healthy sattu drink.
  • Healthy food ladder : Healthy food ladder is like a real life snakes and ladders game where children learnt the difference between healthy and junk food.

  • Parents Worship Day (12 2 2016)

    NML Kerala Public School celebrated Parents Worship Day on 12th Feb 2016 in the school premises.

    Overall Incharge : Principal, Vice Principal & Coordinator

    Teachers Incharge : Ms Anuradha Shukla , Ms Sangita Sarkar , Ms.Pinki Singh &
    Ms Priyanka Barua

    Total Parents invited were -161
    Total Parents attented were -160

    Entry level of parents were involved including our Principal , teachers & supporting staff. Like Principal was worshipped by her daughter , one of the teacher’s child worshipped the teacher and one of the substaffs children worshipped the substaff. Parents representation was worshiped by his daughter.

    The programme was hosted by Tr. Anuradha & Ms Jasraj.

    Parents representative : Mr Mahesh Mutchina.

    The programme was conducted well. Parents attendance was appreciable. Organisers were very happy and Parents were overwhelmed. Parents have express their gratitude towards the Principal & staff for hosting such value based programme in school.

    Graduation Nite Std X(6 2 2016)

    NML Kerala Public School celebrated the first commencement ceremony for the first batch of Std X students on 6th Feb 2016.

    On this auspicious occasion we were honored to have our Director Dr. Shrikant Nair , Mrs Alka Sinha , Principal KPS Mango, Mrs Sreekala Karuna Karan , Principal KPS Burmamines & our Principal Mrs Moushumi Das with us.

    The young enthusiastic students led by the School Pupil Leader, Jyoti Kumari have strived to attain excellence in their lives and reach the pinnacle of success by upholding the values of trust, openness, unconditional love, compassion and humility integrity, purity and self discipline we the school has inculcated in them .They are the citizens of tomorrow and may TOUCH several lives through their action, gestures and the values they have imbibed in the school.

    The function began with LAMP LIGHTING done by our Director Sir & Principal Madam followed by music , song & awarding of certificates to the graduating students. The most awaited event of the evening was the Principal’s Award given to the following students :

    Award for Outstanding performance in academics & winning laurels for the school in Inter School Competitions
    1) Avinash Agarwal
    2) Amit Dubey
    3) Sudipto Dutta
    4) Sahil Gupta
    5) Abhishek Kumar
    6) Jyoti
    Representing school in various Singing Competitions & winning awards
    1) Gaurav Kalindi
    2) Yuvraj
    3) Kavishek
    Active involvement in all school activities.
    1) Sahil Kumar
    2) Sweta
    Representing school in various Yoga Competitions at the State & National Level.
    1) Chandan Maurya

    Constant effort & perseverance in studies .
    1) Karunanidhi Ojha
    2) Pooja Negi

    In the end the class teachers of these graduating students lit the flame and handed over the candles to the students which was the special attraction of the evening.

    We wish all the students happiness, prosperity and success for their future life. The class teachers handing the lamp of knowledge denotes ‘ Knowledge of power’ . Now it is their responsibility to keep the lamp glowing to where lives lead them.

    Congratulation !

    Prize Nite (5 2 2016)

    The Prize Nite is an annual event during which we acknowledge excellence in our students. Our Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Sharat Chandran, Director Kerala Public School. On this day the different categories of prizes are given to the children.

    1) Academic
    i.Nur – Std III -3 best students
    ii.Std IV & above – 1st three students.

    2) Activities- Conducted throughout the year to give equal opportunity to all . The three rounds are the quarter finals , Semi final & then the final round.
    3) Youth Festival – Different offstage & on stage events.

    This event took place in our school campus on 5th Feb 2016. Thanks to all the NML KPS team to make this event a success.

    18th SOF National Science Olympiad(5 11 2015)

    18th SOF National Science Olympiad was held on 5th Nov 2015 and the Medal winners for level one are as follows:
    1) Rajdeep Chatterjee – Gold medal
    2) Om Sinha – Silver medal
    3) Harsh Kumar – Bronze medal
    4) Anwesha Sharma – Gold medal
    5) Piyush Agarwal – Gold medal
    6) Aman Kumar Prasad – Gold medal

    Two children qualified for the next level which are as follows:
    1) Piyush Agarwal
    2) Aman Kumar Prasad

    9 students qualified for the 2nd round of 9th SOF international Mathematics Olympiad . The names are as follows:
    1) Antra Sinha
    2) G.Ashok Raj
    3) Abhishek Kumar
    4) Biswajeet
    5) K.Santoah
    6) Piyush Agarwal – Gold medal
    7) M.Akhilesh
    8) Tanmay Dikshit
    9) Tej Narayan

    Mr.Vikash Das , Ms Sheetal Singh & Mr.Sushil Kumar are appreciated for guiding our children so well.

    Navratri (16 10 2015)

    The Navratri celebration was done by the Pre Primary section on 16th Oct 2015.

    Report Card Distribution (15-10-2015)

    15th Oct 2015 we had the report card distribution for classes Nur – Std VIII. The Pre Primary celebrated the Report card Day by displaying the various activities which includes the scrap book activity, model making activity, work sheets etc done by the children this year.

    Egg Throwing Competition (30-9-2015)

    We conducted ‘Egg Throwing Competition’ on 1st October, 2015 at NML KPS…in other words, dropping an egg from the roof top (fourth floor) which must land on the ground unbroken. There were 17 teams, comprising of 3 members each, which participated in the event.

    The event stood out for two reasons – firstly for its uniqueness and secondly for its prizes. It was Shrikant Sir’s out of the box thinking which materialized into an event that put to test the application of the knowledge. It was quite a challenging task and the students used their logical and reasoning skills in various ways to drop the egg safely. Some succeeded in this endeavor whereas some learnt from their mistake but the enthusiasm never faded till the end. The winning team was selected on the basis of their design, aesthetics, explanation and of course unbroken egg. The big attraction of the show was the prizes that were given. All the three students of the winning team were gifted bicycles which were sponsored by Ms. Sonia Patel and Mr.Jitu Patel of BSA Hercules Bicycles.

    The excitement does not stop here…it gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that Shrikant Sir has decided to take this event to a higher level by inviting all the schools of Jamshedpur in the month of November. The sponsors too are willing to sponsor bicycles again.
    The winners are as follows:
    1) Anjani Ranjan – Std X C
    2) Pradum Kumar Vishnu – Std X C
    3) Tauseef Ahmed – Std X C
    The honorable chief guest for the event was Mr V.K.Sharma who is the wing commander IAF.


    September (2015)

    NML Kerala Public School began the Safety Week celebration, 2015 on 17th August.
    The inauguration ceremony started with the lightning of lamp by our respected Principal Madam, Mrs. Moushumi Das and Respected vice Principal Madam, Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur followed by the unfurling of placards by the SAFE Club member. School SAFE Club in-charge, Sahil Kumar took the Safety Pledge on behalf of all the students. For the inauguration ceremony we had a Skit on Safety presented by the students of our school. The SAFE Club moderator Ms. Manisha Kaur announced the plan for the week ahead and announced about the various competitions to be held. Everyone present got the awareness message of “It’s Smart to be SAFE” as Madam Principal addressed the gathering.

    On the second day i.e. 18th August the Intraschool Competitions were conducted in which we had the fancy dress competition for students of Std III –V.31 Students of these little ones presented themselves as the Safety Gadgets. It was followed by Collage competition for VI and above students.31 students showed their creativity and designed the Collage based on various Safety rules.

    19th August which was the third day got a start with the role play on Safety presented by our junior students. Also it was a day to see how aware our future generation is when it comes to Safety. So the Inter KPS Safety quiz was being conducted having four Kerala Public Schools namely KPS Burmamines, KPS Gamharia, KPS Kadma and KPS Mango contesting with 4 students from each. Of the 16 students making 8 groups, KPS Kadma bagged the winner trophy whereas KPS Burmamines were the Runner up.

    On 20thAugust the on stage event planned was Safety Song presented by the students of light music hobby. We had a workshop conducted for parents and autodrivers on “Overloading of autos” where we had Mr. Labh of TATA Steel as the resource person. Also we had a first-aid training session for our support staff, Safe Club members and some teachers. Also we had the evacuation drill to train our children how to proceed in case of any emergency.
    Friday, 21st August was the day for announcement of prizes for different competitions held throughout the week by Teacher Manisha Kaur.

    The 24th of August started with a demonstration by the Fire Brigade Department. Our students gathered awareness on how to react and what to do in case of a fire emergency. As it is the day for the closing ceremony we had as Chief Guest Mr. Agam Kumar to motivate our students. Closing ceremony began with unfurling of placards. To end the Safety Week and give a message to be Safe and importance of it the school SAFE Club in-charge Sahil Kumar took the pledge. We had a skit on Safety presented by students of our school. Our Chief Guest addressed the august gathering by motivational speech and Prize Distribution brought an end to the program


    KPS NML PRIZE (18-12-2014)

    KPS NML SPORTS (14-12-2014)

    Annual Blood Donation Camp (06-11-2014)

    Felicitation of Nair Sir for getting Karam Verr Award

    Safety Week (19-9-2014)

    NML Kerala Public School had their “Safety Week” celebration from 15th September to 19th September, 2014. It started on 15th September, with the inauguration of the program where Mrs. Mita Singhal, co-chairperson SAFE Club, Jamshedpur was the Chief Guest. The Safe Club members took the PLEDGE. A Skit was staged by Std – V students on “Safety Rules”. Safe Club moderator announced the events to be held during the weekduring the week. Chief Guest addressed the gathering and spoke on “Cyber Safety”. She created awareness among the students about the safe use of facebook, twitter etc. She told the students how to put a strict privacy settings and not to accept friend request from any unknown person. She also told that a fire extinguisher is utmost necessity in each and every house and every house must have one and also an emergency evacuation plan be ready and known to all family members to be used in case of any emergency. There was also a workshop for mothers on “Home Safety” conducted by Safe Club moderator.

    On 16th September a enactment of role play was done by students of Std – IV on “Disadvantages of using Plastic bags” t o create safety awareness among students there was also a drawing competition for students of Nursery – Std – V on “Road safety”..

    On 18th September a workshop was conducted for students of Std IV and above on “Domestic Safety” by Mr. Joy Chakraborty from Tata Steel. He created an awareness not only on “Home Safety” but also on “Road Safety”. It was a motivational as well as an educative workshop for the students. The Safe Club Members also attended the workshop. Inter KPS slogan writing competition was also organized where 20 students from KPS Kadma, KPS Mango, KPS Burmamines and KPS NML participated. KPS Mango bagged the first prize. A collage competition for Students of VI – VIII was also conducted and the topic was “Home Safety”. There was 100% participation of students in Drawing and Collage Competition.

    On 19th September there was a demonstration on Fire Rescue by Fire Brigade Department. Mr.Ganga Khalko came with his team and gave a demonstration on how to use different kinds of fire extinguishers. They also showed different levels of water pressure and how to adjust pressure levels in case of emergency. The demonstration was enjoyable as well as educative for the students. It was followed by the closing ceremony where Mrs. Chandra Sharan was the Chief Guest. Students took a Safety PLEDGE and Safe Club moderator announced the winners of the events conducted during the week. Chief Guest addressed the gathering and created awareness on road safety. She motivated students to follow traffic rules on roads. As road accidents are increasing day by day,so everybody should wear helmets and seat belts while driving. Her inspiring words really motivated the students.

    Inter KPS Cricket Tournament (12-9-2014)

    NML KERALA PUBLIC SCHOOL conducted the first ever Inter KPS cricket tournament for boys on 12th September, 2014. This event showcased the team spirit, talent and enthusiasm of the upcoming cricketers. The school participating in the tournament were NML KPS, KPS Kadma, KPS Mango, KPS Gamharia, INCAB KPS, KPS Burmamines and KPS Rairangpur. The honorable Chief guest for the tournament was Mr. Kunal Sarangi who is an entrepreneur and engaged with various social activities. He has a keen interest in politics, writing and cricket. The director of Kerala Public schools, Dr. Srikant Nair made the event a success with his presence at the opening ceremony. The principal addressed the gathering and welcomed the honorable chief guests.

    The day started with KPS Rrairangpur playing against ICAB followed by KPS Kadma vs KPS Mango and NLML KPS vs KPS Gamharia. The semifinalists were KPs Mango vs KPS Burmamines and NML KPS vs KPS Rairangpur. The final match was played between KPS Burmamines and NML KPS.

    KPS Burmamines bagged the winner’s trophy by 21 runs and NML KPS was declared as Runner up.

    Friendship day celebration (8-4-2014)

    Matr Pitr Pujan Diwas (14-2-2014)